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Pratt Educational Services, Inc.

Creating a Brighter Tomorrow for Our Children

Having trained early childhood staff is essential to creating a quality childcare program. Unfortunately, you can’t always get your staff to attend training classes for various reasons. This leaves you, the employer, at a loss.

At Pratt Educational Services, Inc., we offer a program that brings the training to your staff. We have taught CDA (Child Development Associate) training classes for more than 23 years with an excellent success rate of students receiving their CDA. This course is available to clients in Greater Cincinnati and other areas in Ohio.

CDA Training Modules

We developed the CDA program to:

  • Meet all the qualifications set forth by NAEYC
  • Meet the community needs for professional childcare providers in various settings
  • Offer advancement and learning opportunities for experienced childcare providers

Admission Requirements

  • Must have at least 480 hours of childcare experience within a group setting over a three-year period
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED (proof)
  • Have a clean police background check

How It Works

Once a participant finishes the whole program, he or she will be issued a certificate of completion. They can apply for their CDA immediately after they receive it. We will also help them through this process. It’s just that simple!


The CDA program is an online course. You can complete it anywhere from three to five months. We also offer face-to-face classes.


The tuition for the entire program is $600 per student for face to face, books are not included. 

  • Pay the full amount.
  • Pay half before you start the program and half within 35 days.
  • If you choose the payment plan you will be charged a down payment of $187, this includes books. You must also sign up for the automatic deductions of $100 per month plus 3% convenience fee for credit card payments, which will be debited from your credit or debit card until your balance is paid.

If you choose to use the installment plan, the next payment is due the first of the next month. A late fee worth $12 will be added to your account for any payment made after the first, and a $20 service charge will be added for NSF checks. You will be locked out of your course if your account is denied, and a $50 fee will be added.

Keep in mind that the tuition must be paid in full before you will be issued a certificate of completion. We also do not offer refunds.

Other Expenses*

  • $49: Textbook
  • $25: Competency Standards Book
  • $30: Essentials Workbook
  • $425: Testing Fee (Once You Have Determined When You Want to Be Tested)

*Scholarships Are Available for All Childcare Workers (Testing Fee) 

Payment Options

We accept payments made through PayPal. You can also make your payment over the phone with a credit or debit card. If you want to mail it to us, you may do so as well. Mailing address is P.O. Box 531642, Cincinnati, Ohio 45253

If you are a Preschool Promise site we are a vendor for payments for our classes.

CDA Renewal

If you are looking for a training class to renew your CDA, you can get the required 45 clock hours of SUTQ\OA training classes from our company. To learn more about the CDA renewal process, please visit the website of Council for Professional Recognition.

Remember: trained staff leads to retention, and retention leads to happy parents. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your successes as an early childhood educator!